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Verba metadata templates are powerful tools for attaching text based comments to recorded calls. A metadata template consists of comment template fields. Each metadata template field defines the appearance of a  given metadata field (e.g. a selection list type field contains predefined items, which can be selected by a user).

Creating a metadata template

You can create a new metadata template by clicking on the Add New Metadata Template link on the Administration / MetadataTemplates page. After selecting the link, the following page is opened.


The following table describes the available fields:

Field Name



Metadata Template Name

The name of the metadata template.

Required field.

Minimum length: 3

Maximum length: 32

Must be unique in the system.

Reserved name: Default

After filling out the form, press the Save button to save metadata template data into the database.

Modifying and deleting metadata templates

To edit a metadata template entry, you have to click on the desired row of the list showing registered metadata templates. After clicking on the row, a new page opens automatically.

To make changes effective, push the Save button. All conditions, which are described in the previous part, have to be met.

You can delete the metadata template by clicking on the Delete button. Metadata templates can only be deleted if they do not belong to a group and nobody has attached a comment to a recorded call.