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Adding a new Content Policy

To add new content policies navigate to the Content Policies in the Verba web interface Policies > Content Policies.
On the top right corner of the page click on Add New Content Policy as shown on the image below

Defining a Content Policy

Basic settings

  • Enabled - If set, then the policy is active, it will be evaluated by the engine
  • TypeYou can see the configuration of the Regex filterFilename and size check and Phrase filter, at their respective sections down below
  • Default Action - If the policy activates, there are two available actions, block the whole message, or send the message but redact the words that are in violation of the policy.
  • Explanation in Notifications - To append this message to the notification message, use the [rule-explanation] tag in the Notification Templates.

Regex Filter

Standard regular expressions to look for a pattern in the messages.

To make sure that your Regular Expression matches the strings that you want it to, check it with a regexp tester first. You can find an online tool for this here:

Filename and size check

You can use regex for the name of the file, and you can define a maximum file size.
If the file is larger than the value defined here, the policy will trigger.

Phrase Filter

Without the complexity of regular expressions, you can filter words and phrases.

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