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This guide explains how to use the dashboard and configure widgets.

The Verint Verba solution includes a next-generation dashboard framework, that over time will replace the current solution. See Next Generation Dashboard for more details.
The Verba Recording System dashboards provide an at a glance view of agent performance and other various metrics of the recording system for many individuals in an organization. They give companies a factual and timely window into performance, they help them identify anomalies that could turn into significant business issues, and provide an entry point for digging deeper into root causes.

Users with proper authorization can access their dashboard, which can be personalized by adding new widgets, changing the layout structure, etc.

Widget categories

In the Verba Recording System the following dashboard widget categories are available:

Available configuration options

Widgets available in the system can be configured easily and quickly. Just move your cursor over the top right corner of the widget and click on the Configure Widget icon.

TitleThe title of the widget displayed in the header of the widget window
Widget typeHere you can select from the numerous widget templates
Display methodChart or table
Filter optionsHere you can define optional filtering
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