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Dimensioning the servers running the Scribe Docker containers

Min 2 CPUs and 6 GB RAM. 

For more details contact Verba.

Dimensioning the Verba servers running the Speech Analytics Service

No additional resources are required. The service only orchastrets the transcription process, the actual transcription is done on the Scribe containers.

Storage requirements

The transcription only works when the media is stored on SMB storages. If the media has to be stored on a WORM or non-SMB storage, the files should be hosted temporarily on SMB and moved to the final storage target after transcription.

Server Roles

The Verba Speech Analytics Service can be enabled on the following server roles:

  • Speech Analytics Server
  • Media Repository Server
  • Media Repository and Recording Server

Installing and configuring the Scribe containers

Contact support for more information.

Enabling the Speech Analytics Service

Step 1 - On the web interface go to System / Servers / Select your Server / Click on the Service Activation tab.
Step 2 - Activate the Verba Speech Analytics Service by clicking on the  icon.

Step 3 - Go to System / Servers / Select your Server / Click on the Service Activation tab
Step 4 - Start the Verba Speech Analytics Service by clicking on the  icon.

Creating a Data Processor

Step 1 - On the web interface go to Data / Data Processors.  

Step 2 - In the top right corner click on the Add new Data Processor link.

Step 3 - Define a Name for the data processor. 

Step 4 - Select the Speech Transcription for Type. 

Step 5 - Select Scribe for Engine.  

Step 6 - Choose the analytics features you want to use. Some features might require additional licenses.

Enable Speaker DiarisationSeparates the speaker in the transcript
Enable Gender ClassificationNot supported
Enable Identify QuotesIdentify quotes by creating the IM text of the quotes and identify the product class traded
Enable InsightsExtracts key terms and key phrases

Step 7
 - Click Save to save the data processor.

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