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The Verba msi installers files can be started from the command line with additional parameters. The installers can be started the following way:

msiexec /i VerbaRecording.msi [logging setting] [/quiet] [verba parameters]

Logging setting

Loggin can be added by the /L parameter, plus the letters which specify the required information. For example /LE means logging the errors only, or /LEI means logging the errors and the status messages. For Verba, the recommended setting is /L*V. After the logging setting, a file name also has to be specified for the output, for example "/L*V installer.log". The following table describes the available options:

LetterLog entries
VVerbose output
OOut-of-disk-space messages
IStatus messages
CInitial UI parameters
EAll error messages
WNon-fatal warnings
AStartup of actions
RAction-specific records
MOut-of-memory or fatal exit information
UUser requests
PTerminal properties
XExtra debugging information.
*Wildcard for adding all parameters, except the V and X.
+Append to existing file
!Flush each line to the log

Quiet Mode

Quied mode enables the installation of the Verba software with a single command, without using the GUI. In this case, all settings going to be set based on the provided parameters.

Verba parameters

ParameterDescriptionMandatoryDefault valueSample

The role to be installed on the server. Available values:

  • MR - Media Repository
  • RS - Recording Server
  • Combo - Single Server
  • AS - Announcement Server
  • LF - SfB/Lync Filter
  • LFRC SfB/Lync Filter and Media Collector
  • RS - Media Collector and proxy
  • SA - Speech Analitycs Server
FILTERINSTALLFOLDERApplication installat folder. C:\Program Files\Verba\ 
MEDIAMedia folder. C:\Program Files\Verba\media\ 

Sets if the advanced certificate based secure communication going to be used.

  • 0 - Legacy mode
  • 1 - Advanced certificate based connections
VCERTTHUMBLABELThe thumbprint of the server certificate.   
VCACERTTHUMBLABELThe thumbprint of the CA certificate. (Verba CA)   


VSERVICEUSERNAMEUsername for the service user. If not set, then Local System going to be used as service account.Yes, if the VNATIVELOGON is set to 1.  
VSERVICEUSERPASSWORDPassword for the service user.Yes, if the VSERVICEUSERNAME is set.  

Sets if the SQL database going to be created.

  • 0 - The isntaller creates the database, and builds the schema
  • 1 - No database creation
SKIPREGISTRATIONCHECKIf set to 1, the node won't register itself in the Verba database. 0 

Sets format for the registration.

  • 0 - NETBIOS name
  • 1 - FQDN

Sets authentication type for the SQL access.

  • 0 - SQL account
  • 1 - Windows account
SQLADDRESSThe address of the SQL server. (local) 
SQLCATALOGThe name of the SQL database. verba 
SQLUSERSQL username. sa 
SQLPASSWORDSQL password. Verba456+ 
VSSLCERTIFICATEPATHPath to the SSL certificate .crt file.   
VSSLKEYPATHPath to the SSL certificate .key file.   
VSSLPASSWORDSSL certificate key password.   
LOGON_USERNAMEUsername for the service user at the filter services.Yes, if the SELECTEDROLE is set to LF or LFRC.  
LOGON_PASSWORDPassword for the service user at the filter services.Yes, if the SELECTEDROLE is set to LF or LFRC.  
RESOLVEDIPV4The IP address of the server.   
ADMIN_PASSWORDAdministrator password.Yes, if the SELECTEDROLE is set to MR or Combo.  
MRHOSTFirst Media Repository server address.   
API_PASSWORDAPI user password.   



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