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This article describes the Increase Retention Period data retention policy action.

The Increase Retention Period storage policy is implemented to allow increasing the retention period configured on the storage targets.

The new retention setting is updated on the supported storage platforms as well, using the API integration: NetApp SnapLock, EMC Isilon SmartLock, EMC Centera, and Hitachi Content Platform.

Reducing the Retention Period is not possible when user-based or policy-based retention is used, for more information see Data retention.

Configuring the Increase Retention Period policy

To create an Increase Retention Period policy, follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Follow the generic policy creation steps described on the following page: Data management policies

Step 2 - Select Increase Retention Period as the action

Step 3 - Set the Increase Retention Period (by day) field

Step 4 - Select your filters to specify which conversations should be affected by this policy

Step 5 - Click on Save

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