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Verba supports the use of Immutable Blob storages. Since the Verba application cannot set the retention time of the Blob container programmatically, it has to be set in advance on the Azure side. The recommended way to use Immutable Blob Containers is creating multiple containers in advance based on how many different retention times will be used in the system.

Configuring Immutable Blob Storage

The retention time can be set at the Access Policy configuration of the Blob Container. In order to set it, go to the Storage Account, select the container in the Containers menu, then go to the Access Policy menu. Under the Immutable blob storage section, click on the Add policy button.

Set the Policy type to Time-based retention, set the retention period, then click OK.

Once the retention policy is set, click on the three dots on the right, then click Lock policy. A separate Blob Container should be created for each retentions time being used, and the proper retention period should be set for each one.

Once the Blob Containers are created and the retention times are set, the same retention times should also be set on the Verba side. Create a new upload policy for each Blob Container / retention time, and set the Retention Period setting according to the Access Policy setting of the Blob Container:

Configure the Data Management Filtering Criteria section of the policy so that the right recordings will be uploaded to the right Blob Container.

A separate Upload policy has to be created for each Blob Container / retention time. If the Prefer User's Retention setting is set at the upload policy, then make sure that the proper Retention Period setting is set on the user level.

Increasing retention period

The retention period can be increased with Immutable Blob Storages also, but it also works only on the container level. If the Increase Retention Period policy is being used, then make sure that it is applied to all recordings within the Blob Container. The retention time has to be modified manually on the Azure side also by modifying the Access Policy setting of the container.

Moving / copying recordings to Immutable Blob Storage

When a recording is moved or copied to an Immutable Blob Container later, then its retention time on the Azure side will start from the point the files are created on the Blob Container. Therefore, retention time should be set / extended on the Verba side also according to that by using the Increase Retention Period policy.

The same happens in the case of new files when the Transcode policy is being used on recordings stored in the Blob Container.

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