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Solution overview

The integration between the Verba and IP Trade systems is based on duplication of media stream in the turrets. For each call, the dealer board system creates a copy of the associated in-bound and out-bound RTP streams. These are sent to the voice recorder server which records and archives the live feed.

The transmission of call detail information (CDR) and the negotiation of the RTP session parameters are performed using an XML protocol co-developed by IP Trade and Verba back in 2007.

The dealer boards handle special call scenarios that require special handling on the recorder side too:

    • Several calls can be active simultaneously on the dealer board, these are recorded separately
    • A dealer board can register on the IP telephony infrastructure with single or multiple directory numbers, all of these are captured
    • Call durations can vary from seconds up to several hours (e.g. open lines), all these are recorded as expected, with silence suppressed in long calls



Why do you need the direct Verba - IP Trade integration?

Legacy TDM or IP call recorders using passive recording technology are not able to properly record the complex call scenarios in the IP Trade environment, and these systems cannot control the recording functionality directly of the dealer board like Verba does. Passive IP recorders also suffer the disadvantages of the monitor port issues:

  • In complex switching infrastructure, the monitor port configuration can be a headache.
  • In a multi-site network, branches where a few calls have to be recorded, requires dedicated recording server.

The native integration between Verba and the IP Trade dealer boards enable sophisticated features like:

  1. Deduplication of the media streams to lower the load on the network components
  2. Transcoding and selective voice activity detection for lower storage consumption
  3. Simple configuration of what to record and how
  4. Recording notification on the turret
  5. Replay and advanced search functions on the turret
  6. Optionally mixing multiple channels/calls into a single stream, then sending the mixed stream to the recorder

Supported IP Trade systems

Supported IP Trade trading turrets:

  • IP Trade T3203 (3 speaker channels)
  • IP Trade T3210 (10 speaker channels)
  • IP Trade T3230 (30 speaker channels)
  • XMA modules: XMA3210 and XMA3230

Supported version:

  • For duplicate media stream recording: 3.3, 4.x.x and 5.x.x or later.
  • For replay on turret: 5.2.15392 or later

Recording features available:

  • duplicate media stream recording (direct recording from turret)
  • replay from turret

Channel recording modes:

  • recording all channels individually
  • recording with selective channel mixing

Deployment options for IP Trade recording