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This feature enables the sharing of saved queries to the members of a given group. Administrators can choose from all saved queries, independently from the creator of the query. The group query configuration page is available from the group configuration page by selecting Group Queries link on the top left corner.

You can add a query to the group by selecting the appropriate item on the left and pressing the  button.

You can remove a query from the group by selecting the appropriate item on the right and selecting the  button. The query will be not deleted, it will only be unlinked from the group.

In order to save the configuration changes, simply press the Save button.

The changes only take effect after the members of the given group log out and log in again to the system. The queries configured for the group are listed under Calls / Saved Queries menu item, just like other personal queries. You can differentiate group based queries because these items are separated from personal queries by a line.