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This chapter summarizes the required firewall configuration for IPC Unigy recording deployments.


Server RoleService nameSource




SQL Server--All Verba Servers1433TCPSQL connection
All Verba Servers-

Verba Node Manager Agent

Verba Media Repository4433TCPCentral configuration from Verba Web Application
Verba Media Repository ServerMedia Repository

Verba Web ApplicationAny80TCPUsed for HTTP-based web access
Verba Web ApplicationAny443TCPUsed for HTTPS-based web access
Verba Media Streamer and Content Server ServiceAny10105TCPMedia port for playback via HTTP
Verba Media Streamer and Content Server ServiceAny10106TCPMedia port for playback via HTTPS
Verba Storage Management ServiceVerba Recording Server20111TCPCommunication with Verba Storage Management services, used for secure file upload
SQL Server (if co-located on Verba Media Repository)All Verba Servers1433TCP

SQL connection

Verba Recording ServerRecording DirectorVerba Unified Call Recorder ServiceIPC CCM1024 - 65535TCPCTI communication port range
Verba Unified Call Recorder ServiceIPC CCM5060 / 5061TCPSIP signaling communication port (non-secure / secure)
Media RecorderVerba Unified Call Recorder ServiceAny16384 - 65535UDPMedia port range
Verba Unified Call Recorder ServiceVerba Recording Server10500TCPRecording Director - Media Recorder connector

Recording Director

Media Recorder

Verba Unified Call Recorder ServiceAll Verba Servers
All Verba Desktop Agents (if used)
10031TCPService API port
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