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Because of the project based framework, calls are initially have to be associated/linked to an evaluation project. Once the calls are selected for a project, evaluators can start working with the calls. Only supervisors, configured as evaluators are able to evaluate calls in a given project. In order to list calls for evaluation, click on the Quality Management/ Evaluations submenu.

The evaluations list is based on the general call listing feature of the system. It extends the searching and listing functionality with evaluation specific features:

  • Ability to search using fields like: evaluation project, form, evaluator and score values.
  • Access scoring interface directly from the list.
  • Filter the list for calls waiting for evaluations with a single click.
  • Customize the list layout and displayed columns independently from the original call list layout.
  • Save and load search templates in the similar way as with call lists.

Evaluation search panel

The evaluation list screen contains the search panel, which allows to search for calls waiting for evaluations or calls already evaluated. The magnifier icon on the upper right side of the panel can be used to control the 3-state appearance of the panel.

This page allows the user to enter the search criteria to find already evaluated calls or calls waiting for evaluation. The search criteria attributes are divided into groups and placed on 3 separate vertical tabs to make search criteria definition easier:

  • Basic Search Options tab includes the most commonly used search fields
  • Advanced Search Options tab includes the remaining technical attributes that allow more sophisticated search criteria to be defined and used
  • Comment Fields tab allows the user to narrow the search using the business data associated with the call records (stored in comment fields)

The user can navigate between these tabs until the entire search criteria has been specified and then initiate the search by pressing the Search button below the tabs.

The search is executed based on the combined set of search field values on all tabs.

After setting the search criteria, the system stores the field values, so whenever the user loads the search page the previous settings are restored and displayed. If you would like to reset the fields, click on the Reset Search Fields link in the top right corner of the search panel.
All search fields support adding multiple query/filtering parameters.  Follow the steps below to add one or more filters to the desired search field:

Step 1 Click on the Add Criteria icon and select the desired field from the drop-down menu

Step 2 Choose the operation from the appearing drop-down menu

Step 3 Set the criteria on the right side of the panel

Step 4 Optionally you can remove a previously added criteria by clicking the Delete Criteria icon on the left side of the panel