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Category: Quality Management Reports


The Evaluators Productivity report shows aggregated information for each evaluator, providing the data collected from scorecards. The report summarizes the performance of the evaluators by showing the number of evaluations, the average number of evaluations per hour, the comparison of the length of the evaluations to the length of the call, etc.

Filter options

AgentOnly evaluations for the selected agent(s) will be displayed
Evaluated byOnly evaluations for the selected evaluator(s) will be displayed
Evaluation formOnly evaluations for the selected evaluation form(s) will be displayed
Evaluation projectOnly evaluations for the selected evaluation project(s) will be displayed
GroupsOnly evaluations for the selected group(s) will be displayed
ScoreOnly evaluations for the selected score(s) will be displayed
QuestionOnly evaluations containing the selected answer(s) for selected question(s) will be displayed.


  • Query Interval
  • Print Date
  • Record Count
  • User
  • Evaluator Name
  • Evaluations
  • Average Evaluations/hour
  • Average Call Duration
  • Average Evaluation Time
  • Call length to Evaluation Time Ratio


  • Evaluators Productivity Comparison Chart


Report sample