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Project administration is available only for the quality management administrators by selecting the Quality Management/ Projects submenu.

Creating a project

You can create a new skill by clicking on the Add New Project link on the Quality Management/ Projects page. After selecting the link, the following page is opened.


The following table describes the available fields:

Field Name



Project Name

Name of the project.

Required field.

Minimum length: 3

Maximum length: 64

Must be unique in the system.

Evaluation FormEvaluation form used in the project.-


Optional description of the project.Maximum length: 256
Valid From

Start date of the validation for the project.

The validation interval of the project defines the date range, when the supervisors can evaluate calls in the projects or new calls can be selected for the project.

Required field.

Valid To

End date of the validation for the project.

You can deactivate the project with the current date and time by pressing the Deactivate button at the bottom of the page also.

If you want to reactivate an inactive project, press the Activate button at the bottom of the page.


Evaluation StatusShows the current status of the evaluation project.-
Scoring Classification LabelLabel of the classification range. The classification labels allow to provide a simple categorization of the scores achieved by the agents. These labels are displayed on the scorecards.

Required field.

Minimum length: 3

Maximum length: 64

Scoring Classification IntervalThe range score values (percentage) defined for the classification.

Required field.

Minimum value: 0

Maximum value: 100

Only positive integers can be defined.

The defined intervals must cover the entire 0 - 100 range and overlapping intervals are not allowed.

Fails BelowDefines the optional point value (the actual value, not the percentage), which has to be achieved in order to pass the scorecard. If the agents does not achieve this value, the scorecard is displayed as failed. This information is displayed on the scorecards.-
Project OwnerOwner of the evaluation project.-


Selected supervisors eligible to score calls in the project. Only users with Quality Supervisor role are displayed for selection.

Select the desired users on the left panel and press the >> button to select evaluators.

Select the desired users on the right panel and press the << button to remove evaluators from the project.

At least one evaluator has to be selected.

After filling out the form, press the Save button to save project data into the database.

Configuring call selection

The goal of a quality assurance program is to provide a statistically significant analysis of service delivery and the quality of customer interactions. To accurately measure service quality and establish credibility and reliability for the quality assurance process, randomly captured calls should be evaluated consistently for all agents, on a regular basis.

In order to define the scope of the evaluation project, calls have to be selected and assigned to the project. By configuring the call selection parameters, you can define the set of calls for your evaluation project based on your requirements.

To configure the call selection click on the Call Selection Settings tab in the evaluation project configuration window.


The following table describes the available configuration options:

Field Name




The system supports 2 types of evaluation projects:

  • One time call selection
  • Recurring call selection

For further information, see Setting up evaluation projects.

Call Selection PeriodFor projects with recurring call selection, the system notifies the project administrator and the evaluators according to the selected call selection period and the user has to manually select the new calls by clicking on a button.-

Date Interval

Calls will be selected for the project in this date and time range. If you are using recurring call selection, then the end date cannot be set.


Call detail record fieldsHere you can configure the filtering criteria for call selection based on the available metadata fields. For further information on how to use these options, see Search filter operators.-
Full text search in commentsDefine full text search in any comment field.-
Full text search in markersDefine full text search in any marker hint field.-
Comment fieldsDefine filter option on specific comment templates and fields.-
Enable random call selectionThis option enables to select the calls for evaluation in a random way using mathematically correct random selection algorithms.-
Agent and group selection method

Defines the way how the calls are selected randomly. The following valid values apply:

  • None - the random calls are not selected for agents all groups. specifically.
  • Agent based - the same amount of random call is selected for each selected agent.
  • Group based - the same amount of random call is selected for each selected group. The number of random calls for the agents in the selected group are sampled randomly and there is no guarantee that all agents will have the same amount of random calls.
Agent / Group selection

Selected agents or groups will used during the random selection.

Select the desired agents or groups on the left panel and press the >> button to select them.

Select the desired agents and groups on the right panel and press the << button to remove them from the project.

At least one agent or one group has to be selected.
Number of random calls to be selected in each periodThis value defines the number of random calls to be selected in each period for each agent or group or all together.

Only positive integers can be defined.

The value has to be greater than 0.

Random call sample size calculator

The random sample size calculator helps you to properly define the number for random calls. The calculator uses a mathematically and statistically correct way to determine the size of the sample.

By entering or modifying the values in the calculator, the system automatically calculates the number of recommended calls to select. The total number of calls available for evaluation is calculated (by pressing the Calculate button) using the above configured filtering options.


Once you finished the configuration of the call selection settings, you can save the configuration by pressing the Save button.

In order to actually select the calls, navigate to the Select Calls tab. On this page, the system will inform you about the current call selection process and status. Press the Select Calls button to start the call selection process. This process may take a while. Once the selection process is over, the selected calls are listed on the screen.

Depending on the configuration settings and the status of the project, the system allows you to modify the call selection settings or reselect all calls for the project. When the project is still in planning status, you can reselect the calls for the project. Please be aware that existing calls will be replaced by the new ones.

For projects with recurring call selection, the project administrator or the evaluators have to manually select additional calls based on the call selection period settings. You can update the filtering and selection settings before adding new calls to the project.

Modifying and deleting projects

To edit project data, you have to click on the desired row of the table showing configured projects. After clicking on the row, a new page opens automatically.

To have changes take effect, push the Save button. All conditions, which are described in the previous parts, have to be met.

You can delete the project by pressing the Delete button. Deletion of a project is only enabled if no evaluation is made for the project and the project is in planning status. Once a project is started, the project cannot be deleted.