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Available in version 9.2 and later

This article describes the data retention policies with the Copy Media action.

Copy Media policies provide a way to relocate your conversation media files from their primary storage location to another storage (for archiving purposes) with leaving a copy on the original location also. 
You can define a storage target (previously created) to copy the media files to and a set of filters to specify which conversations should this policy be executed on.

A Copy Media policy will only copy the actual files in the file system, it will not mark the conversations as archived in the Verba database. This means that from the perspective of the Verba Web interface (particularly searching for calls) this process has no visible impact at all.

To create a Copy Media Policy, follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Create a Storage target for your policy

Step 2 - Follow the generic policy creation steps described on the following page: Data management policies

Step 3 - Select Copy Media as the action

Step 4 - Select the storage target you created from the list

Step 5 - Select your filters to specify which conversations should be uploaded by this policy

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