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This article contains a description of the Speech Transcription Data Management Policy configuration.

A Data Management policy configured with the Speech Transcription action is used for specifying the recorded conversations to be transcribed. Servers running the Verba Speech Analytics Service read the media file from an SMB storage, then store the recorded conversations on their local disk temporarily while transcribing. After the transcript is created, the media files will be discarded, and the transcript files are relocated to the media's storage location. Each policy you define can be set up for a different language/accent and a set of filters to determine which conversations should be transcribed. These filters are based on the metadata stored in the database for each conversation.

This is a good way to account for differences in languages used for conversations of different locations, groups etc.

Creating a Transcription Policy

Step 1 - Follow the generic policy creation steps described on the following page: Data management policies

Step 2 - Select Speech Transcription as the action

Step 3 - Select the Data Processor

Step 4 - Select the Language for the transcription

Step 5 - Select your filters to specify which conversations should be checked by this policy

Step 6 - Click on Save. The policy will run periodically,

Assigning transcription user licenses

Transcription is licensed on a per user basis. You can assign these licenses to roles, by setting the 'Speech Analytics > Transcribe Conversations' checkbox on the role configuration page, or you can assign the built-in Transcription User role. This option is used as the basis of speech search enabled user licensing, calls of users without this setting will not be transcribed.

Running and monitoring the transcription process

The transcription actions are executed by the Verba Speech Analytics Service on the servers where this service is enabled. 

The transcription process can be monitored on the Dashboard with a Background Tasks Widget or in the list of background tasks in the Verba Web Interface at System > Background Tasks.

The Log files for the service can be found at (your application path might be different):

C:\Program Files\Verba\log\speech-analytics.log



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