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Configuring your Verba Speech Analytics solution

Follow these steps to start using your speech search module:

  1. Dimension your Speech Server
  2. Configure speech search user rights
  3. Configure speech indexes

How speech indexing works

Speech indexing is the foundation of the Verba Speech Analytics solution. The following 3 layered process is used:

  • Indexing
    • Creates a phonetic index of voice for faster searches (processing runs at speeds hundreds of times faster than real time)
    • You can control the creation of phonetic indexes by Configuring speech indexes
  • Search in Indexes
    • Searches for phrases in the phonetic indexes (searches are done at speeds of tens of thousands times faster than real time)
  • Result caching
    • Stores results in a database cache for even faster retrieval (at speeds of millions of times faster than real time)
    • Add phrases to Configuring Phrase Auto Search to make sure results are automatically added to cache for each new call

Actual speed results may vary based on hardware, software environment and usage patterns. See Dimensioning your Speech Server.

Review the concept of Extended Search in the Using Speech Search article, as your users will need to understand it, to use effectively.
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