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Using the Cisco Video Communications Server (VCS), you can configure permanent conferences, which will automatically add a Verba Recording Server into the conference.

This lets you record video conferences with minimal change in user behavior.

Step 1 - Configuring the Verba Recording System

Please follow the configuration steps in Configuring Verba for SIPREC recording.

Step 2 - Configuring VCS

Follow these guidelines when creating a Permanent Conference:

Step 1 - Configure the Verba Recording Server as an Endpoint

Step 2Make sure on the Endpoint you configure Automatic Disconnect

Step 3Pick a user and create a Permanent Conference for that user as "chair" (each regulated user could have their own Permanent Conference number created)

Step 4Configure the Verba Recording Server alias as pre-configured participant in the Permanent Conference 

About Automatic Disconnection in the Endpoint configuration: when a participant disconnects from a conference and only endpoints set to Automatic disconnection are left, all those participants are disconnected. If this is enabled the Verba Recording Server will be automatically terminated when no more participants are on the call.

End User experience

In order to do recorded conversations the users should follow this procedure:

Step 1 - The chair should call a Permanent Conference

Step 2Other participants should join the same conference

Step 3Execute the meeting then terminate normally

Behind the scenes:

  • After Step 2, the MCU will automatically call the Verba Recording Server into the call.
  • After Step 3 (when the last person leaves the call), the connection to the Verba Recording Server is terminated
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