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In order to use the Dial-In capabilities of the Verba Recording System configuration of the Cisco Unified Communication Manager is required.

Initial configuration

The initial Cisco UCM configuration for dial-in recording includes the following steps:

Step 1 - Create and configure the SIP trunk that points to the recorder(s). Note! Use 5065 as SIP port with this recorder service instead of 5060. 

Step 2 - Configure routing that let's Cisco UCM to direct calls to the recorder (includes configurations for multiple recorders).

After these steps you can start enabling dial-in recording on your Verba extensions.

If you are using both central and dial-in recording with Cisco UCM, make sure that you use to two different extensions in your route patterns.

Adding and removing extensions

Extensions can be added to the recording system by enabling Dial-In recording in the Verba extension management.