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The web application can be configured to display a disclaimer before the user can login to the system.

The web application's branding feature can be used to configure the disclaimer notification.

The Verba\resources\webapp\branding-samples\disclaimer\login_branding_begin.jsp file should be reviewed and modified according to the requirements, then should be copied to the Verba\resources\webapp\copy\main\ folder (create the copy and main folder if they do not exist), then a restart of the Verba Web Application is needed-

The file will be copied to the application installation folder after the service restarted: Verba\tomcat\webapps\verba\main\.

If the disclaimer is no longer needed then it should be deleted from the Verba\resources\webapp\copy\main\ folder and the Verba\tomcat\webapps\verba\main\login_branding_begin.jsp should contain only this line:

<%@ page contentType="text/html; charset=UTF-8" %>

If the contents should be modified, then either both files should be modified, or modify only the Verba\resources\webapp\copy\main\login_branding_begin.jsp and restart the Verba Web Application Service.

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