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Cisco provides support for co-residency of UC virtual machines with Cisco non-UC virtual machines and/or 3rd-party application virtual machines, including Verba Recording System, for select applications and versions. There are various limitations, which may apply, so please see official support policy at This page has also added diagrams and explanatory text to clarify common FAQ from partners, customers and Cisco field.

In addition to Cisco Unified Communications (UC) applications sold with Cisco Business Edition 6000 (BE 6000), Cisco now allows the installation of a broader range of Cisco and third-party virtualised applications on the BusinessEdition 6000 server. 
This means virtualised third-party UC applications that are included in the Cisco Developer Network, Marketplace Solutions Catalog for Collaboration. The Verba Recording System is part of the Catalog

Key rules to remember:

Verba virtual machines can not be used with the Cisco UC Virtualisation Foundation or Cisco UC Virtualisation Hypervisor (e.g. R-VMW-UC-FND or VMW-VS-HYP). VMware vSphere Standard/Advanced/Enterprise/Enterprise Plus Editions should be installed on the BE6000. It can be shipped by the Cisco or can be purchased from Vmware. Learn more at the Cisco knowledge base in

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