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SRE-V overview

Cisco Services Ready Engine (SRE) Service Module offer a branch-office infrastructure platform that adds computing resources to the Generation 2 of the Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR G2) product line.

Cisco SRE-V enables the VMware vSphere Hypervisor to be provisioned on a Cisco SRE modules and host one or multiple virtual machines running Microsoft Windows Server or Linux.

Verba deployed on SRE-V

Using SRE-V you can install and run Verba directly on your routers (Cisco ISR-G2).

This enables the following architecture options:

  • local, standalone recording system deployed on a router - in small firms you can run Verba Media Repository (MR) and Verba Recording Server (RS) at the same time (even in one virtual machine) on the router as the SRE modules include a RAID-based disk layer where calls can be archived
  • satellite recorder of a centralized recording system deployed on a router - in branch office deployments you can run a Verba RS server, in order to move the network sensitive real-time recording function close to your phones and/or local gateway(s) in the branch, while deploying the Verba MR in a centralized location

The Verba RS can record using all Verba supported Cisco recording methods, including BiB forking and gateway recording methods.

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