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Latest Release - Verba 8.9
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Recorded calls can be searched for, and the search results displayed through call lists.

Call lists can be accessed from various parts of the user interface including the following:

  • Selecting Calls / My Calls submenu
  • Selecting Calls / Important Calls submenu
  • Selecting Calls / Private Calls submenu
  • Selecting Calls / Ongoing Calls submenu
  • Selecting Calls Users Call submenu
  • Selecting Calls / Calls by Recording Server submenu
  • Filling in the search criteria on the Search page
  • Load a previously saved query from Calls / Saved Queries

The call list is displayed in a tabular format where the columns can be configured by the administrator or the user can personalize it using the Calls / Personalize Call List Layout menu.

Every call list displays the calls ordered by date and time (in descending order).  This means that the most recently recorded call is the first one on the list, and the oldest recorded call is the last one on the list.

Predefined queries (not initiated from the Search menu) can not be filtered further.  The result list will contain every recorded call which meets the predefined criteria.  E.g. selecting Calls / My Calls submenu will show every call where the logged in user was a member of the conversation.

In order to narrow down the call list, the Search page must be used.

If your security profile has a "search window" limit set then you can only list calls recorded within the last x hours.  A message will indicate this for you at the top of every call list.

Small Letter Icons

There are four different letter icons in the call list C, M, W, S:

  • C - The call has a comment.
  • M - The call contains at least one call marker.
  • W - A video call transcoded to either WMV or MP4.
  • S - The call includes a desktop screen recording.