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This article provides a description of the Advanced IM Export data management policy. The system provides multiple options to export data from the platform. Export policies are recommended when large volumes of data have to be exported from the system on an ongoing basis. For more information on the available export options and their comparison, see Export.

The export policies are executed by the Storage Management Service on the Media Repository/Application Servers.

An export data management policy creates a copy of the selected conversations and places the data to a configurable storage/export location. It consists of a (previously created) storage/export target, and a set of filters to choose which conversations should be exported. Policies with the export action do not modify or impact the original conversations in any way. The exported data is not accessible in any way from the system.

Creating an Advanced IM Export policy

To create an export data management policy, follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Create a Storage target for the export policy

Step 2 - Follow the generic policy creation steps described on the following page: Data management policies

Step 3 - Select Advanced IM Export as the action

Step 4 - Select the Destination Storage Target you created from the list. Only SMTP Storage Target is supported!

Step 5 - Configure policy specific settings as follows:

Decrypt Encrypted ConversationsIf a conversation-related files are encrypted, the system can automatically decrypt the files before exporting. Original files remain encrypted.
Export Attachments in IM ConversationsExport file attachments with instant message conversations.

Step 6 - Configure Custom Schedule if you want o run the export in a specified time

Step 7 - Configure Filtering Criteria to specify which conversations should be exported by this policy

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