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Error codeNameDescription
 -1UNEXPECTED_ERRORUnexpected error has occured, when the API call was executed.
-10EVALUATION_EXPIREDThe Verba license is expired.
-20INVALID_PARAMETERSThe API action was called with wrong or missing parameters.
-30INVALID_ACTIONThe called API action doesn't exist.
-40INVALID_CREDENTIALSAn application tried to use API Key, from a forbidden IP address.
-41INVALID_API_KEYThe API call doesn't contain valid API key, or the API key doesn't exist.
-42LOGIN_REQUIREDThe API key requires authentication. Use the RequestToken action to get authenticated token.
-43TOKEN_EXPIREDThe requested token is expired, or never got authenticated.
-50CALL_NOT_FOUNDThe requested call is not found in the database.
-60INVALID_BUSINESS_IDThe business ID parameter is not valid.
-70MEDIA_NOT_FOUNDThe requested media file is not found on the storage server.
-71VIDEO_NOT_FOUNDThe requested video file is not found on the storage server.
-80PROPERTY_NOT_FOUNDThe one of the requested properties is not found.
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